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PACE || A Visual Poem (Analysis)

Updated: May 9, 2022

The YouTube video above is my debut Visual Poetry video that focuses on my poem "Pace". In this post, I plan to give a deeper analysis and sight into the reasoning behind this piece of writing. Firstly, I am a major believer in the truth of art being purely subjective material, so I am not here to define the piece nor tell you how to think about it. I will simply be shedding insight as to my perspective on "Pace" and what I have garnered from it as a result. I hope you enjoy my words as well as the video!

Times are hard for humanity right now, and historically they always have been. With so many swiftly changing events taking place in our world, it can easily become nerve-wracking at times for a person who simply just wants to accomplish. Albeit, the ability to accomplish requires, time, opportunity and a strong work-ethic; even with the culmination of those it can be extremely trying on ones patience when goals aren't reached quickly. Resulting in immense psychological burdens that have been enhanced with the weight of the necessity to survive in all manners of life. Whether it be monetarily, physically, mentally, socially, etc. Being a person who believes that the maximization of all of a person's God-given talents is the epitome of a satisfying life, I find myself flustered at times with the ups and downs of life. When I don't reach and clasp the goals I want to reach in the allotted amount of time I set for myself, no matter if I "did everything right/followed the process", I can become frustrated and concerned about the plans I am making.


The derailing feelings that seem to emerge from a loss can seemingly appear to shoot down any hopes for future or immediate ambitions; sometimes causing us to rethink whether or not all our endeavors are in vain.


This is where the poem "PACE" came into being. After thinking long and hard about the distasteful thoughts that occur from events not following the same timeline that I set for them. The piece was an exploration into finding the proper positive solution when dealing with those emotions. I incorporated the topic of resilience into it with the understanding that it is very important to bounce back from such "failures".


Our reactions to the issues we face, are of crucial importance to how we move forward in the next steps of our actions.


I essentially came up with the conclusion that one's "pace" and the way in which they watch their steps towards their goals is of the upmost significance. However, what is even more of a priority is the patience that is necessary to a smooth rhythm and pace when striving towards achievement. Not getting caught up in the hysteria of outside drama that can set us off the right paths of self-fulfillment, is fundamental in the arranging of proper pace. Patience with pace is the conclusion that I came to when writing this poem, resulting a life-long mantra that pointed me back to the importance of God guiding my steps no matter the situation.

I hope that you (reader) find this post to be encouraging and quality food for thought. Since art is subjective, my post is not meant in any way to insist upon the viewing of my visual poem only through only one specific lens or one way of thought. I would love to hear your thoughts about my piece in the comments below! Have a great day or night!

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